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Added on 21 June
Live and die in Sin City. You can break or protect the law. You can smuggle fire arms, spirits or everything else or you can chase the smugglers. Your life will be dangerous either way. Don't hesitate to use your weapons or even your body to survive.

Added on 08 March
Alone in the forest, doing the hard job with her heavy tools. What kind of fun can a woodcutter girl find after a long day? Well, she can. Just check out this video novel.

Added on 16 November
Life and work on the farm is fun, but not today. The tractor gave up the ghost and I can not fix it. Anyway. It is too hot today to work in the barn on my little warm. The clothes are just burning my skin, I have to get rid of them.

Added on 10 November
Have you ever been a bad-bad boy and received after school detention? Here is the story told as you always have been dreamt of. The young and sexy school headmaster orders you in her office, but this time she is receiving the punishment. Bounded to her chair and ripped her dress off you can enjoy as she is masturbating in front of the you.

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