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Added on 22 February
Rock hard metal girls need sometimes tenderness. This time they found it by another rocker girl at home. They read a metal magazine and suddenly they noticed not to read any more but undressing each other on the couch.

Added on 15 February
After the success of Banana and Strawberry, we made a new juicy glamour set with tasty melons and sexy blonde babe. Enjoy this erotic glamour set with fresh and healthy photos.

Added on 12 February
Here are some behind the scenes photos with Gogo on a strange location. Gogo enjoyed obviously this old and abandoned industry building.

Added on 08 February
After her private video shooting, poor Marylin wanted to take a bath, but Toni followed her. He couldn't get enough and filmed Marylin's private secrets.

Added on 01 February
She is a survival. She is immune against the mutant virus and hold out the biological apocalypse. She is legend amongst the rest of human nature, because of her perfect body and hunger for eroticism.

Added on 25 January
There is a number of different punk styles: steampunk, goth punk, cyberpunk. The most exciting is the sexpunk. They are young and sex-hungry punk girls mainly acting as slaves in all possible sex games and finding their fun in endless orgasm and masturbation on punk orgies.

Added on 18 January
Gangsters have no chance if this private low reinforcement girl takes action. Beware of her if you are on dark business. She is dangerous in her costume and with her guns in hand, but even more dangerous naked using her beautiful body to bring you to your knees.

Added on 11 January
There is no escape from the Dragon Forest. A maiden lost her way dragons and demons will follow and torture her. They tear off her white dress and follow her until she gives up and gives them what they want.

Added on 04 January
I'm a big fan of the vampire hunter Blade from the comics. I always felt myself inspired by the hunter always alone and surrounded by enemies so I created the Daywalker. A gothic vampire hunter bitten and infected but still fighting against other vampires.

Added on 29 December
Only one short motto can describe the ultimate freedom, beauty and eroticism of this girl posing in front of big graffiti in the abandoned fabric hall: -Stay hungry, stay free, and do the best you can-.

Added on 26 December
What if next time, when you open your Christmas present box, Angela would jump out? You can undress your present under the lighten Christmas tree and enjoy her body.

Added on 21 December
Do you want to relax and enjoy life? Here is the bath you always dreamed of. Bath of seduction where all your wishes will come true, all your senses will be satisfied and I will do everything you wish...or doesn't even dare to wish...

Added on 18 December
Check out this video about making of the rokcer photo set with Anne. Have an insider look behind the scenes.

Added on 15 December
Your girlfriend droid from the future driving your favourite old timer Ferrari. Your PA droid watching and controlling her. You say this is just a dream? Just wait...

Added on 07 December
Betsie is another beautiful model, who was ready to show some private nudity on Toni's couch. Thanks to Toni to share this private movie with us!

Added on 30 November
I love erotic role-play games, like this woodcutter girl here. I try to make the erotic version of some interesting jobs with more skin and revealing what is underneath the heavy clothes.

Added on 23 November
Punk rock is as colourful as punk outfits. Our young alternative artist does not need to be thought anything of colours, she wears and paints thousand of it. She paints high in ecstasy and get excited from her own work in the end.

Added on 19 November
Let me share a few behind the scenes photos from various Hard Rock Girl shootings. Our rocker girls are beautiful on the stage as well as behind the stage, abroad or even in the changing room.

Added on 16 November
Life and work on the farm is fun, but not today. The tractor gave up the ghost and I can not fix it. Anyway. It is too hot today to work in the barn on my little warm. The clothes are just burning my skin, I have to get rid of them.

Added on 08 November
Well, you can see how a singer can give really everything to make a song very-very hot. She is just using not only her voice but her whole body and nothing stays hidden for her fans. Have you ever seen a show like this live on stage. Stay with Hard Rock Girl and stay tuned.